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62 Presets for NI – Massive with macro automation. 18 Arpeggio Presets; 34 Basses & Leads; 10 FX

These presets used to be part of the Rotten Edge Sound Expansion. Basically this is the raw material we built the Rotten Edge sounds on. Nevertheless these are still great presets for massive and still carrying the filthy Rotten Edge spirit. They are useful for many EDM & Dubstep productions.

We now offer them separately since we restructured our sound packs (all massive presets from our Sound Packs will be available here now)

You can download this library with any Premium Plan
starting from EUR 8

Premium Download


Required: NI – Massive

Audio Demo from the Rotten Edge Sound Pack

NOTE: the synths in this Demo are heavily post-processed but based on these Massive Presets. If you want the “real deal” get the Massive Evolutions for Kontakt

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