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tips & troupleshooting

If you want to live stream or capture the screen of your DAW, including the DAW’s audio output (e.g. for youtube tutroials etc),  you need to activate “Loopback” in your Steinberg Interfaces (like the UR22 MK 2 ). No extra Plugins are required!

With loopback enabled, the output signal from your DAW is internally routed to your Mic/Line inputs (channels 1 + 2) of your Steinberg Interface, allowing you to record the audio output stream of your DAW at the same time as it is played back. Read more »

tips & troupleshooting

With Native Instrument’s Kontakt there is currently a bug with the Time Machine Pro algorithm which is causing tempo sync problems and heavy note droppings (when playing more than 5 notes at once) . Especially the note droppings are significant with large polyphonic libraries like the Action Strings. Native Instruments is already working on that issue but in the meantime we have made a little workaround.

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tips & troupleshooting

With this technique we can create a rich sub bass without using any bass enhancer/exciter plugins. What we need is a simple synth with a pulse or sawtooth oscillator.

The result can be even better as using a sub bass enhancer because we can control a lot more and nicely fit our sub bass to our original bass. For example we can again use other plugins like filter, eq, chorus etc to tweak our subbass or we can play with the phase or add some exotic harmonics. Read more »