with the new ui_panel from Kontakt 6, things got a little easier when it comes to complex ui’s with multiple screens or panels in one script tab.

In this tutorial we will learn the basics of ui_panel before we move on to a simple ui (coming soon) followed by a simple synth making tutorial (see video). The latter tutorial is coming later.

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tips & troupleshooting

If you want to live stream or capture the screen of your DAW, including the DAW’s audio output (e.g. for youtube tutroials etc),  you need to activate “Loopback” in your Steinberg Interfaces (like the UR22 MK 2 ). No extra Plugins are required!

With loopback the output signal of your DAW is internally routed to your Mic / Line inputs (channel 1 + 2) so that you are able to record the DAW’s audio output stream at the same time you play it back with your same Read more »