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With this technique we can create a rich sub bass without using any bass enhancer/exciter plugins. What we need is a simple synth with a pulse or sawtooth oscillator.

The result can be even better as using a sub bass enhancer because we can control a lot more and nicely fit our sub bass to our original bass. For example we can again use other plugins like filter, eq, chorus etc to tweak our subbass or we can play with the phase or add some exotic harmonics.

Adding A Sub Bass – How to

  • Simply add a deep square synth playing the exact same pattern like your original bass line.
  • If you recorded a MIDI bass line you can just duplicate the midi track and add a synth plugin instead of your bass instrument.
  • If you have recorded a real acoustic or e-bass try to play your additional sub bass line as accurate as possible. Maybe you can use a trigger to get the exact groove of the original bass (for this you can also read our gated synth article)
  • Regarding the sub synth, always take an edgy oscillator over a plain sine (like a pulse or a sawtooth) because those add more harmonics which are really great to get a deeper sub impression.
  • Cut the high frequencies then and add a tape or tube saturation if you wanna get even more harmonics. Add a light chorus to spatialize the sub. Just play around with the settings to get the optimal sub support for your original bass.

EXAMPLE:  making the sub of the  Get Lucky – Demo:

1. Record your original bass
Original Bass


2. If your original Bass was recorded as MIDI track just duplicate it and add a synth with a simple square oscillator. Else record the exact bass line with the square synth again or use a trigger (like a side chained gate) to let your sub bass (synth) follow the original bass groove.
Square Sub


3. Reduce or cut the low frequencies of your original bass
Original Bass EQed



4. Cut the high frequencies of your sub bass and gain the low frequencies (30 to 90 Hz)
Square Sub EQed



Final Song: Original Bass Only (no frequencies cut):
Original Bass (no frequencie cut)

Final Song: Sub & Original  Bass together:
Sub & Original Bass together

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2 Responses to “Mixing: Rich Sub Bass without using any Bass Enhancer/Exciter Plugin”

  1. Kash

    Fantastic article. There are about 5 good vsts which can add really good subharmonics for deeper bass https://youtu.be/jaF8ZYJ1l2Q

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