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We have released the AmberWood Drums a Woodstick Percussion tool for Music & Scoring like Ambient, Folk, Indie, Blurry Atmospheres


  • more than 100 sound sources (no loops)
    woods; metals; glass; atmospheres (like velvet rain, birds, noises, dust & dirt) & reversed sounds,…
  • build custom drum sets with peerless natural warmth and spatiality
  • or use snapshots to load premade sets
  • sampled round robin for a convincing organic feel
  • growing content – new sound sources & snapshots will be offered

AmberWood Drums features Natural woodstick percussion; organic atmospheres; reversed, metal and glass sounds to complement any modern music from Indie Folk, Ambient, Rock, Pop, Electro, World Music to Film Music or Blurred Atmospheres.

All sounds have been recorded several times and sampled round robin for a real natural, organic feel. The sound of the AmberWood Drums is intended to be spatial, soft and soothing but also creepy and deep, depending on how it is used. Build custom Sets and add widespread FX to each single sound source.


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