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CONTENT: 1 x Bass, 2x Lead/Stab, 1x Soundscape / Pad
FILE NAMES: BS – Threaten (saw).nmsv, LD – Struggling.nmsv, STB – Calculating (square).nmsv, SNDSCAPE – Foreseen (dark).nmsv

FROM: Banks – Brain (from Goddess)

Free Synth Presets for Massive

NOTE : This is another port of some famous Synths to Massive e.g. for cover bands, parodists or people who just like specific soundings but don’t want to tweak them themselves or buy hundreds of different Synths. However also massive has its limits and an individual sounding of course, so it is not possible to reproduce the original synthesizers exactly.

The Lead (struggling) near the mid of this demo was created to emulate the distorted background vocals. So the Sounding differs a lot here.
Also the soundscape in the beginning was only made to emulate the dark atmosphere which sounds like a very nicely filtered sample in the original track.


  • simple eq’s and compressors for mixing


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Original Song:


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