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CONTENT:  70 Massive Presets – Basses, Leads, SFX, arpeggiator
BONUS: Sylenth Preset, Battery Kit

To learn more about the single presets (additional fx usage etc) please refer to the single articles.

You can also download these presets for free below. This premium offer just gives you another opportunity to download all presets at once and save lots of time!

The premium plans also include all premium presets! (Only EUR 8, one time payment, no recurring fees)

Premium Download (all at once)


download separately!

Free Download (one by one)

Other Presets (not included in here, but also available with any premium plan)

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5 Responses to “Download the Free Massive Presets from our Blog at once”

  1. ShieldsCW

    How did I know that there would be a catch? I got suspicious after the 5th time I saw the word "free" on your site. I knew it was a scam.

    • YummyBeats

      Yes! The presets are for free you just need to create a (free) account! It's only premium if you like to save time and download all presets at once (as it says in the text). But I'd say the pricing is reasonable. And btw "scam" is a really harsh word! I first had to think about whether deleting or replying to your comment!

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