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CONTENT:  1x Bass, 3x Lead, 1x Pad, 1x FX. Download for free below

FILE NAMES:  BS – Anubis.nmsv,  LD – Osiris.nmsv, LD – Seth.nmsv, LD&FX – Ra.nmsv, PD – Isis.nmsv, FX – Horus.nmsv

Ported from Depeche Mode – Should Be Higher

INFO: The sound design and the synth ensemble of “Should Be Higher” is great and perfectly thought out. Throughout the whole track you can discover new elements or little FX strokes. “Should Be Higher” has one of the best & innovative synthesizer concepts I’ve heard so far.

Unfortunately due to the enormous time exposure not all Synths are covered here and some Synths are rather inspired than rebuilt because the sound design is so complex that it probably would have taken several days to get some presets close to the original. But it should be possible to rebuild all Synths of “Should be Higher” completely with Massive, though. But still the presets all share the basic character of their originals and have an interesting sounding as well. But check them out yourself :)

NOTE : This is another port of some famous Synths to Massive e.g. for cover bands, parodists or people who just like specific soundings but don’t want to tweak them themselves or buy hundreds of different synths. However also massive has its limits and its own sounding of course, so it is not possible to reproduce other synthesizers exactly.


  • Simple distort the Seth FX to get it more grainy
  • standard EQ’s & comps for the mix







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