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here you can download the main synths of Ellie Goulding’s Lights. The song has been released in 2010 the first time but the synths are still great.

Content: Glassy Key; Bass; Strings and the soft Lead Synth. Plus additional Kick wav sample – which is not a real replication, though but still useful ;)

Info: the Bass Synth was a little tricky. Two presets were required to get some warmth. So if you want to get the sounding of the video (below), just duplicate your bass track and load a second instance of massive with the second bass preset. The video only shows the settings of the first preset, though. If you got any suggestions to still improve the sounding, please comment.

Requirements: NI – Massive

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Please note: these are custom presets adapted to massive, so the sounding is not exactly the same. Anyway, hope you will still like them. Any feedback would be very appreciated. Also let us know if you got any suggestions for new synths (simply use the comments below)

EDIT: The original Preset of the Mallet Synth is called “ARP RainDrop”, a factory Preset of Sylenth1. The Bass also sounds like a Sylenth layer. I couldn’t find it in the factory presets, though but you could try it with “BS Boogie Bass” and “BS Fatso”.


Additional Settings:

  • Insert FX: Phaser on “KEY – LightsGlow” Synth
  • Several EQs and Comps (all channels)
  • Tape Saturation on Stereo Sum




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  1. Tall

    Thank you so much for this preset. It’s going to be so helpful!!! It reminds me also of the bass used in Nightcall by Kavinksy. Do you have the preset for that one also?


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