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CONTENT:  1 x Bass, 1x Stab,  2x Pad, 1x Drums

FILE NAMES: BS – BiggerThanYou.nmsv, PD – BeyondABliss.nmsv, PD – Pleasure.nmsv, STB – BiteYourLip.nmsv, KCK – Pressure.msv

FROM: Ariana Grande ft The Weeknd – Love Me Harder

Free Synth Presets for Massive

NOTE : This is another port of some famous Synths to Massive e.g. for cover bands, parodists or people who just like specific soundings but don’t want to tweak them themselves or buy hundreds of different Synths. However also massive has its limits and its own sounding of course, so it is not possible to reproduce the original synthesizers exactly. Also the stab synth was rather additionally added, since it was hard to rebuild any synths from the chorus part because of the massive instrument overlay.


  • Simple side chained duck (comp) for the Bass & Pads
  • standard and decent vibraphone to support the pleasure pad (any should do)
  • also a soft organ can be added for the intro
  • standard EQ’s & Comps for the mix



download all free presets at once!

Also visit our main page for the Massive Evolutions 2 Free (an EDM / Dubstep Synth for Kontakt)



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3 Responses to “Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd – Love Me Harder, Free Synth Presets for Massive”

    • YummyBeats

      Thanks, unfortunately "making of" videos are too complex and time consuming...rather want to focus on the synths themselves. Actually the videos are just made for presenting the synths, as audio demo and for the search engines ;)

      Furtheremore I personaly think standard "making / recreating synth" videos are very boring to watch?! Since it's all about tweaking knobs again and again until you get the sound that you want. You can't explain much here. It would be the same phrases again and again like "take this waveform", "take this filter", "turn this and that knob"  Of course this doesn't refer to sound design or independent Massive tutorials explaining the functions itself. Those videos are indeed very useful.

  1. Tall

    Thank you again for these greats presets!!! Do you have by any chance The Hills by The Weeknd?

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