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Here you can download the main Synths of PSY’s Gentleman, ported to massive.

[UPDATE 04/22/2013]: 2nd Synth Lead and a supporting synth added. You can use the supporting synth (LD – SynthFloor) to create that special lo-fi delay at the end of the song which supports the 2nd sync lead (LD – Organix).

Contains: 1st lead, 2nd sync lead, supporting synth (for the lo-fi delay) bass, mega lead/pad

INFO:  This is another port of some famous synths to massive e.g. for cover bands or people who just like the specific sounding but don’t want to tweak them themselves or buy hundreds of different synths. However also massive has its limits and its own sounding of course, so it is not possible to copy other synthesizers exactly. Another limit are we ourselves :) However we always do our best to get as close as possible. But it’s not that bad because a slightly different sounding can also make your tracks interesting. Either way you can also just consider these presets as new synths for your repertoire ;)

Anyway the lead again was the most difficult part. If you directly AB compare it to PSY – Gentleman you will notice that it sounds remarkable different whereas from scratch (without comparing) it’s kind of cool. If you keep comparing over several minutes your ears get used to it and the difference kind of blurs. That’s what made it even more difficult because after a while a short break was necessary to be able to localize the differences again. Several waveforms have been tried but Roughmath II seemed to give the best results here (an additional approach with the Formant Saw waveform is also included). Let us know if you got any better results.

You may also have noticed that the lead color changes after the Mega-Lead break. You can change the color of the 1st lead ( Lo-fi Bruise) via knob, however this was just done to be able to vary the color at all not for reproducing the sounding.

Requirements: NI – Massive

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Audio Demo:

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Drums in the Demo from our Vintagelectric Drums, Massive Drums, Harlem-Brooklyn Drums and Technology Drums 2

PSY – Gentleman:

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