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CONTENT: Additional Lead & Sub Bass. Download it for free below

PRESET NAMES:  LD – 7th Scrouter , BS – ScreamShoutSub

INFO: Also included in the download file from the original post now, so you don’t need to download it twice. The Lead should only be played in the region from C2 to C5. below or above it doesn’t sound good. The Sub Bass supports the main synth (which can be heard right in the intro) and can be used for the chorus to give additional body.

NOTE : This is another port of some famous synths to massive e.g. for cover bands, parodies or people who just like the specific sounding but don’t want to tweak them themselves or buy hundreds of different synths. However also massive has its limits and its own sounding of course, so it is not possible to reproduce other synthesizers exactly. Another limit are we ourselves :) However we always do our best to get as close as possible.


download all free presets at once!


Original Song:


3 Responses to “Will.I.Am – Scream & Shout (ft. Britney) – Synths for Massive [update]”

    • YummyBeats

      sorry, to be honest this has not been tested. In cubase it’s no longer possible to store fxp / fxb presets so we had to convert the *.vstpreset with fxtractor.

      Can you try to copy the whole fxb into the sylenth folder and let me know if this works? Otherwise you could also try to convert the .vstpreset with another tool, if you find any.


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