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We have released WoodBox, a sound extension pack for Amberwood Drums – unconventional percussion for Kontakt.


  • New Snapshots & Sound Sources for the AmberWood Drums
    woods; metals; claps; vinyl crackles
  • sampled round robin for a convincing organic feel
  • recorded with ORTF for a natural & wide stereo image
  • AmberWood Drums required
  • 15% Off, if you buy together with AmberWood Drums

New Sound Sources

Several wood types like cedar woods or rose woods have been recorded in various ways of playing like knocking, tapping, hitting, etc. All sounds have been sampled round robin for a natural, organic feel. They have been recorded in high resolution with the ORTF technique for a wide stereo image.

Each sound source represents a single instrument and can be layered & combined with each other to build completely new and individual, even experimental sounds. For example, full drum sets with kicks hi hats & snares just made out of wood knocks and stick hits.

WoodBox Insight – Twin Twin [Hip Hop] (AmberWood Drum Track)

Audio Demos


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