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With samplers (or other software instruments) round robin basically means sound variations. Imagine you are picking a guitar! Your single picks will never sound the same since you always pick the strings slightly different. We can simulate that “humanization” by simply randomly varying between a few sound variations which we all have to recorded of course. So each time you hit a key on your keyboard another sound variation is played. Thereby the same variation shall not be played twice one after another.

there are different ways we can implement round robin:

  • groups
  • key spreads
  • velocity spreads (not explained)

round robin function with groups

We wanna use 4 different sound variations so we will create a function to vary between 4 groups. Each group becomes a “container” for one sound variation. Since the variations shall be triggered randomly we will do a simple check so that the same sound is never played twice, one after another.

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