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Currently there’s no way to monitor real mouse events in Kontakt … only partly since Kontakt 6, which is introduced in this Drag & Drop Script.

In general we can only simulate a mouse release event via some workarounds. In this article we will introduce 3 different methods.

  1. watchdog timer

  2. counter

  3. callback id [recommended]


  • Callback ID – Working Demo as nki
  • Open Resource Container: Buttons, Knobs, Wallpapers
  • the script as txt & ksp file


MIT International License.
You may use this script, modify it, build upon it, as you like (also commercially), as long as you keep all credits within the code visible to others. You may put them into an extra open script tab or inside an about section of your instrument. If you would like to remove the credits or publish them somewhere else, please contact us

YOU MAY NOT commercialize, share, distribute, whatsoever the included image files and other media (© 2024 all rights reserved).



 no requirements, the script works without sublime text compiling

Watchdog Timer

explained in detail in the watchdog timer tutorial

The watchdog timer method is outdated compared to the other methods here, although it still got some minor advantages.
However the watchdog timer tutorial is written very detailed associated with building a whole UI which you can also use to implement these newer approaches here.

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3 Responses to “Kontakt Scripting (KSP) :: on mouse release event – 3 different methods”

  1. AMas

    Fantastic article, learning a lot. However I’m still struggling to apply the counter and callback ID methods to the full GUI you created for the watchdog example. It would be great if you could provide those versions, even just for one label.

    • YummyBeats

      Thx! I have added a live example to the callback ID variant, based on the Watchdog UI.
      Please note there are many ways implementing the callback ID. I did it without the function now. Because of the global scope of some vars it didn't work that smooth.
      Maybe if I got more time I will come up with another approach. But I hope you get the idea with the already example.

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