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in this tutorial we will work with sublime 3 and macros. A macro works almost like a function. We use them like functions and we can use arguments to pass variables to alter or individualize several parameters inside a  macro.

But instead of returning any values or executing any code, a macro is “printing” the whole code from inside it, whenever and wherever it gets called.

So we can use macros like factories to even create other functions, callbacks or any other code fragments. Preferably whenever we have repetitive code patterns so that we don’t have to write them again and again. Read more »

this tutorial is based on the Wallpaper and the Dynamic Wallpaper (via label element) tutorial. Actually once the initial wallpaper is set we can’t change it anymore but we can move the wallpaper image vertically via set_skin_offset(). So if we create a wallpaper sprite which is as double as high as our ui_size (in this case 2 x 608px) we can put 2 wallpapers into this one image file like shown on the left. The visible area is only from 0 pixel to 608 pixel.

We can now set a button for example which moves the background skin 608 pixel vertically to put the second wallpaper into the visible area. This short demo video shows how it works:

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In this tutorial we will learn how to dynamically change labels and display the knob’s current value for the time the knob gets moved. After releasing the knob the default label shows up again after a certain delay. See video

Also see these more conveniant solutions, using less code

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If you are missing a detailed list of all Kontakt fonts, here is a little tool for you. This is a simple nki for Kontakt 5 which lets you display all font types on miscellaneous background colors for better readability.

UPDATE: since Kontakt 6 we can now create and use own fonts. Read this tutorial and use our font type generator

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