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with ui_panels and z_layers we can easily create dialog windows and add a backdrop which closes the dialog again when clicking on it. This tutorial shows the essentials of how to create such a dialog window & responsive backdrop combination. The download also provides an additional more advanced version with some controls (see the video).

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A popover or dialog can be quite useful because it can hold additional content. So with dialog windows we can create simple and clean UIs without having to give up useful space, by hiding some content and only showing it, when needed.

NOTE: These examples below all assume that only one dialog window is visible at a time which is also the most common use for such dialog windows in KSP. It is possible though to be able to open multiple dialog windows at the same time but that would be too complex for now.

DIALOG WINDOW With A RESPONSIVE Backdrop – For Kontakt 6:

  • 3 nki files with open script tab & open Resource folder
    simple version
    advanced version with a single window
    advanced version with multiple windows
  • all KSP script files
  • no Sublime Text required


NOTE: with this script it’s possible to add multiple dialog windows but it is not possible to display multiple windows simultaneously.


MIT International License.
You may use this script, modify it, build upon it, as you like (also commercially), as long as you keep all credits within the code visible to others. You may put them into an extra open script tab or inside an about section of your instrument. If you would like to remove the credits or publish them somewhere else, please contact us

YOU MAY NOT commercialize, share, distribute, whatsoever the included image files and other media (©2024 all rights reserved).


First Glance

KSP: dialog window with responsive backdrop

This picture is showing a few definitions helping to follow this tutorial better. To learn more about creating custom UIs in KSP, read https://blog.yummybeats.com/ksp-kontakt-scripting/kontakt-scripting-ksp-custom-ui-building-complete-ui-with-multiple-screensmenus-inside-one-script-tab/


Below is the full code of this tutorial.

NOTE: this tutorial is about a simplified version to explain the essential. The download also contains the advanced version from the video which will not be explained here but after this tutorial you should be able to understand and create the UI from the Video as well.

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