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with the new ui_panel from Kontakt 6, things became a little easier when it comes to complex ui’s with multiple screens or panels in one script tab.

In this tutorial we will learn the basics of ui_panel before we move on to a simple ui (coming soon) followed by a simple synth making tutorial (see video). The latter tutorial is coming later.

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In this Complex User Interface tutorial we will build a fully functional UI with multiple Screens: main screen, FX screen and about screen. Whereas the FX screen holds a sub menu for two different FX: a LoPass filter and a LoFi FX.

In this article we only create the GUI with a functional Navigation, the FX Knobs are not working! Refer to the engine par article to make them work.

If you are on Kontakt 6 also check out the ui_panel article which simplyfies a lot now.

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