With Native Instrument’s Kontakt there is currently a bug with the Time Machine Pro algorithm which is causing tempo sync problems and heavy note droppings (when playing more than 5 notes at once) . Especially the note droppings are significant with large polyphonic libraries like the Action Strings. Native Instruments is already working on that issue but in the meantime we have made a little workaround.

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Unfortunately once the initial wallpaper is set, we can’t change the image anymore. Even not by setting different initial wallpapers for each script tab. Because the last applied wallpaper will be the one and only initial wallpaper for the whole instrument. But we can either offset the initial wallpaper that means moving it via set_skin_offset() or we can use a label element to set up multiple backgrounds. Even dynamically like switching them on a button event. The set_skin_offset method is explained in this article

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