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This library contains 42 Analogue Synth Presets for Massive: 24 Basses & Leads, 11 Pads, 7 Arpeggios. Best for Synthwave & Retro Electro

It is an homage to the 70ies and 80ies with its great synths like Moog, Roland (Juno / Jupiter), Korg, Arp (Axxe), Elka, Oberheim… Read more »


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based on the button matrix this script lets you easily create a scrollable area like shown in the video. You can adjust many parameters (and even use custom images for the buttons and scroll bar) by changing a few variables at the top of the script. The relevant code parts are explained in the article as well in case you want to customize it and use it for your instruments. It is recommended that you also read the button matrix article.

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this lightweight script creates a button grid with as many buttons you like. By default there are 4 buttons in a row but you can adjust the matrix (row number and column number) by simply changing a few variables. You can also adjust the button widths & heights, you can position the whole matrix and use custom button images. This matrix is useful to create scrollable areas or a pagination area like selectable tag filters or fx racks (as seen in many modern Kontakt libraries)

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Finger Picked Acoustic Guitar, Flageolets and a Psychedelic FX Guitar all in one instrument. All instruments have been recorded 4 times and sampled round robin. The Modest Guitar is designed to sound warm and organic. There are also some decent guitar player noises on the flageolets which can create an additional pleasant atmosphere. Read more »